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Friday, July 30, 2021

Educational Mobile Apps

 Educational Apps

General Mobile apps for All

Table of Contents

  • Pdf viewer and editor
  • online free storage
  • Remote desktop
  • Access of information
  • Scanning documents
  • Keeping notes and memos
  • mobile keyboard
  • Multimedia software and tools
  • Screen recorder
  • Conferencing tools
  • Messenger apps
  • Digital Whiteboard
  • Google Educational Tools
  • Evaluation tools 
  • More Educational Apps
  • Subjectwise Mobile apps (Math, Science, English, Social, Nepali, ...)
  • Special apps for nepalese Teacher
  • Digital citizen
  • Brain games and training
  • Some ideas for searching apps and tools

Pdf viewer and Editor 
Adobe Acrobat 
    To view and edit educational Pdf file
    Click here for download pdf viewer only
    Click here to download pdf editor full version

How to edit pdf on mobile watch the video;

Cloud Storage (Online Free Storage)

Educational feature; 

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Share your files using a custom link
  • Access your documents from anywhere in the world.
  • Store videos, PDFs, presentations, and photos.

Click here for download

1. Google Drive; 15gb free, 

Click here for download

2. Mediafire; 10gb free

Click here for download

How to save my documents on the internet

Remote Desktop


  • Easily monitor, control and maintain connected device
  • Quickly Troubleshoot
  • Effortlessly access the files on connected devices, servers or network.

  • Anydesk, 

Click here for download 

Team Viewer

Click here for download

How to troubleshoot using Anydesk on mobile watch the video

Internet Access for information


Google Chrome

Extra Educational Feature compare to other browser

      • Translate the web page in any language
      • Voice search 
      • No require to sign in with google

   Some educational feature of Chrome 

 Click here to download chrome

Brave Private Browser

Click here to download Brave

Other Famous Browser

Opera touch
UC Browser
Opera Browser

Scanning Apps 

Educational Feature

  • Scan documents from mobile
  • Save and share into pdf/jpg

Cam Scanner            

    Click here to download  

    How to use Cam scanner

Adobe Scan

          Click here to download

How to use cam scanner and adobe scan

Google lens


  • Photo to text
  • Translate Photo
  • Homework help
  • Photo search 

Click here to download
How to use google lens

Wonderful feature of google lens

Google drive

   How to scan documents

Office lens

Click here to download 

QR code scanner

Note Keeping apps 

Why ?

  • Keep your important notes, text, messages, passwords, numbers etc
  • Collaborate your note with friends
  • To do list, shopping list, 
  • Note quick instruction

    Samsung note


Microsoft one note

Amazing feature of google keeps (Watch video)



  • Type English as well as Nepali
  • Voice Typing
  • Translate your typing
  • glide typing


 Hamro keyboard

Samsung keyboard

Amazing feature of G-board





MX Player

Download Pro feature of 

Screen recorder


Download Xrecorder

A to Z recorder



Download Mobizen

Conferencing tools
  • Online free virtual conference 
  • Interactive tools
  • File and link sharing
  • Collaboration



How to make zoom account

Messenger apps

Educational feature of messenger apps

  • Sending multimedia message 
  • Virtual room and conferencing
  • Creating secret groups
  • Sending files

Facebook messenger                 Viber                        


Whatsapp                            Telegram


Digital Whiteboard


  • Digital display of screen
  • Collaboration of board
  • Interactive learning tools

Liveboard,                    Jamboard,                    



virtualboard,           Whiteboard,

Google Educational Tools

        Gmail                   Jam board         


Google sheet                       Google forms             

Google docs                                Classroom

Evaluation tools 

Nearpod                                        Quizziz 



Online courses


More Educational Apps                               

 Pinterest                          Wikipedia                           


Explaining Everything,    Quora 


Subject wise Mobile apps


  • - Dictionary
  • - Vocabulary
  • - Reading 
  • - Speaking
  • - Writing
  • - Listening
  • - Grammar
  • - Test 

English                                      Vocabulary


Microsoft math,                 Samsung Calculator,            


 Mathematics,                          Geogebra,                    

Geometry,                               Math Solver                   


 Photomath                             3D calculator


Graphing Calc


Physics and Astrophysics

phet simulation,                         Solar System scope,                      

Wolfarm alpha                            Physics Lab


  • Click here to download PhET simulation for mobile 
  • Click here to download Phet for PC offline use
  • Click here to download Wolfarm Alpha
  • Click here to download Physics Lab


 Human anatomy 2021

click here to download




Click here to download Chemist

 Periodic Table                  Virtual Orbitals


Social Study

Google earth                        Sanghiya Nepal                        


Constitution of Nepal

Apps for Nepali Teacher

E-pustakalaya,                    E-class Nepal                


Sikne Thalo                         Sikai Chautari               


Digital Citizen 

  • Online utility Bill Payments
  • Recharging, 
  • IPS connect,
  • Fone pay
  • Digital transaction

E-sewa,                                   Khalti             

         IME Pay

Other banking Apps

Brain Apps and Games

Why to use brain games?

  • Develop all faculty of brain
  • To remove addiction with useless mobile games
  • Develop concentration 



Neuronation,                           Dual n Back


Click here to download Elevate

Click here to download Lumosity

Click here to download Neuronation

Self Management Apps

  • Time management
  • To do list
  • Home work dairy
  • Habit changing apps
  • Management apps

Important educational Blog

Math Guru

A blog by Keshab Kandel

सिर्जना मंच 

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शिक्षा संचार 

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